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Volume loss slimming skirmed one piece the outer wells of one piece PP plates was 5-times higher than from FrameStar® plates.

The above results show that reaction volumes remain consistent across the 96wells or wells, data not shown in FrameStar® plates. Buffer concentrations in outer rows will increase dramatically and result in reduced enzyme activity. FrameStar® 2-component technology allows for reduction of assay volumes and cost Due to the much improved seal integrity, reaction volumes can often be reduced when using FrameStar® plates.

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Such downscaling of experiments can be successfully implemented without any loss of assay sensitivity or consistency Figure 4 and reagent savings can be considerable. Figure 4: Comparable Ct values and mean deviations were obtained with 15μl and 25μl SyBr Green assays in heat sealed FrameStar® plates. The results shown were obtained slimming skirmed one- piece the following protocol with 5 μl reaction volumes, plates sealed with adhesive sheets 4titude® code 4tiin a Thermo Px2 Cycler: 1min 94ºC, 30x 30sec 94ºC, 30sec 55ºC, 30sec 72ºC5min 72ºC, holding step at 4ºC.

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Averages from measurements of 10 plate samples are shown. X- and Y- axis measurements were taken in the middle sections of the plate skirt. Warpage was measured as a maximum deviation from a flat plane.

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