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I decided to optimize the library to improve drawing speed. The same display I use comes with a 4-wire resistive touch-screen as well.

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I decided to write a simple library for the touch-screen and give Protothreads a try. To incorporate all this, I thought it would be cool if I used these to make a simple game. Tic-tac-toe came to mind as a fun little demo.

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I'm sure everyone's familiar with the game so I won't explain the rules there. The touch-screen is simply two resistive sheets placed on top of each other on top of the TFT screen.

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When it is pressed down at a given place, the two sheets make contact and a voltage divider is formed. Every time the IO pin switches state, a long delay is provided to allow the outputs to stabilize.

Alternately, the ADC is significantly slowed down to negate effects of capacitive charging by high source impedance.

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The library is written in the form of a simple state machine cycling through its states every few milliseconds, decided by the application calling the library functions. In my application, I use 5 milliseconds.

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To organize the game, I've made use of the Protothreads threading library. Protothreads is a very light-weight, stackless, threading library written entirely as C macros by Adam Dunkels.

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There is a third thread used to retrieve touch information. It is spawned by the main game thread when touch input is required.

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